Soccer Tips To Improve Your Game

Player Tip #1:
"Kicking with Power"

To kick the ball with power, extend your leg from the knee, not the hip. It is also helpful to lift the arm on the non-kicking side to help you keep your balance. And as always, remember to follow through toward your target.
(Courtesy of MYSA)


Player Tip #2:
The Wall Pass (or "Give and Go")  

The wall pass is probably the simplest way to exploit a "numbers-up" 2-on-1 situation. It is easy to learn and easy to execute. Even though the animation below is way over-simplified and may not run smoothly on some slower computers, it should serve to demonstrate the basics of how to execute a wall pass. Our hope is that both players and their parents will view this page and talk about the soccer concepts demonstrated here.

Note the light-green circles. These are the "open space" areas on the field that the forwards are running towards and passing to. Watch the sequence of events: 

Forwards F1 and F2 are advancing on the lone defender D1 who correctly moves to play the ball.

Both forwards work together and use the open space: F1 passes to it, and F2 runs to it to receive the pass.

Both forwards continue to work together when they see D1 quickly adjust towards the ball again: F2 doesn't hesitate and immediately passes the ball (immagine her using the inside of her right foot) toward the other open space where F1 receives the pass.

D1 is running in circles to catch up and F1 & F2 now have a clear shot on goal!

(Courtesy of BYS)


Player Tip #3:
Look before you Shoot!

Looking at the goalkeeper’s position before you shoot will let you know where to kick the ball. When you are in front of goal, think about how you can “pass” the ball behind the goalkeeper. The inside and outside of the foot are more accurate passing surfaces, while the instep provides more power. The ball can also be curled past the goalkeeper by making contact with the inside or outside of the ball, or lifted over the goalkeeper if they have come out too far.
(Courtesy of MYSA)


Player Tip #4:
Dribbling with the "Front" of your Foot...

To dribble with more comfort and speed, turn the toes of your kicking leg “down” and “in”. This will allow you to contact the ball with the top and outside of your instep. Practice “close” dribbling by touching the ball on every step with your dribbling leg. Change direction and dribbling foot frequently.
(Courtesy of MYSA)


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